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Book Review- Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus: Revelations by Lydia Sherrer

This book was reviewed for Lola’s Blog Tours

Revelations is the second book featuring archivist wizard Lily Singer and mercenary witch Sebastian Blackwell. As with the previous book, this one is separated into three parts alternating between the two characters. During the first part, Lily gets a surprise new companion, and must team up with Sebastian and some new allies in order to preserve a special magical tablet from being stolen. The middle story follows Sebastian as he hunts for the client who contracted to have the tablet stolen. The final part returns to Lily’s perspective as she manages to end up the ‘guest’ of some rather frightening people. The repercussions of this visit will be life-shattering for more than one person. Healings between estranged people end the story on a much happier note.

Revelations is a laugh-riot of sarcastic fun cloaking serious questions of power, its proper use, and its abuse. We learn more of Sebastian’s past, just enough to make one go ‘Gaaahhhh!’ for wanting to know more. It’s a tease really. We also learn a fair amount more of Lily’s past, and finally get to meet her ma (who kicks ass by the way). I loved the greater inclusion of Sir Kipling, whose responses kept calling to mind the tale of The Cat Who Walks Alone, a Kipling tale I belatedly realised. ‘I am Cat, and I walk alone, and all roads are open to me’. Lily reached the same conclusion regarding Sir Kipling that my family has regarding our own cats- they can teleport…

I felt the writing improved between one book and the next, and I look forward to future installations in the series!


????? Highly recommended

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