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Book Review: Coming Darkness by Susan-Alia Terry


This book was reviewed for Port Jericho


*Warning/ Age Level Advisory: some scenes of graphic sexual nature


Terry’s Coming Darkness is a story of loss, and change, of beginnings and endings. In a very Supernatural-esque way, God is gone from Heaven, and without his ordering guidance, things are beginning to unravel. Angels begin disappearing, and it is discovered that the souls of humans are becoming soaked in a viscous black ectoplasm, visible and tangible to the angels. This ooze is corrosive to them, should they touch it. (Leviathan! not..)


Lucifer Morningstar, living the high life on Earth, is approached by Michael to help solve the problem. Having been given the bum rush, unjustly it turns out, Lucifer is hardly willing to help. A meeting with mysterious beings known as the Onyda of the Nammu change his mind. Meanwhile, his lover, Kai, is off retrieving souls of errant humans who made deals with Te, Keeper of the City, and reneged on them. His duty as assassin, and bounty hunter cause others in the City, particularly the reptilian Kazat, to disrespect Kai, ignoring his great age and power. As things with Lucifer and the Nammu begin to escalate​, it begins to affect Kai in unusual ways, leaving him vulnerable and bewildered. Added into this mix is Roberta, a human he saved in a moment of weakness, and who now belongs to him as a slave.


This book seems the first in a series. Many story threads were opened, but none were really closed. And I want to know what happens!! Who are the Nammu, and where have they been? Can Lucifer free himself? Can his brethren? What is going to happen to Kai now? And to Roberta? Will the other Johns change also?


Kai’s story felt distinct and disjointed from Lucifer’s, even when they were together, and seemed two very different stories. That being said, I had no trouble following each storyline, and I quite enjoyed the book overall. I preferred Kai’s story most. He may be a fierce predator, but he’s also a wounded soul and I just wanted to cuddle him. I also like the Eineu, who are all called ‘John’ by choice. I want to know more about the transformation John-lavender went through.


Terry does a magnificent job with description. I felt as if I were walking the City, and experiencing what Kai, or Roberta, or the others were. Not only were places well-rendered, but so were most people, and especially the various species. As I said before, I really hope there is a sequel coming!
??? Recommended, especially for lovers of the paranormal a lá Supernatural and Grimm

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