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Book Review: Black Dawn by Mallory McCartney

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???? Recommended

McCartney’s Black Dawn tells the story of the fall of Kiero’s Academy. On a world where magick manifests as special abilities (much like mutant powers in X-Men), the elite institution was created by the King and Queen to be a place where the best could hone their skills to better aid society. But soon enough, a student turned rogue. He destroyed the Academy, slaughtered the ruling family, and usurped the throne.

The Academy lives on, fighting guerilla battles. And the last of the ruling line still lives, secreted away through magic of time and space. Now is the time for her return.

Six years ago, Emory Fae was sent from Kiero to Earth, her memory wiped. Her return from the dead is a shock to everyone save the two who sent her away to begin with, and not everyone is happy she’s back. They feel she should have been with them the entire time, and Emory will have to work hard to gain their trust. As she trains, honing her unique leech skills, she begins to formulate a plan of her own to take down Adair. The question is, can she do it before betrayals, and secret histories threaten to undo all that Emory, and the Academy itself has worked to build?

I had a bit of trouble getting into the beginning of the story, but it soon captured my attention, and I ended up getting lost in it when I was supposed to be going to bed! I liked that the chapters moved from character to character, so you got a bit more of the puzzle, things that some characters haven’t learned yet, but are needed for the story flow. I loved that the magicks were unique, and, while Brokk shifted to a wolf, he wasn’t a ‘werewolf’. Wolves as shapeshift animals have become a trope in my eyes, and is usually a big turn off for me. The feel here, though, was that he could be something else if he wanted.

I enjoyed the twists and turns to the story, as we learn Brokk’s parentage, and get less clouded glimpses into what Roque and Nei may have really intended with the Academy. I really want to know more about the Oilean too!

Another good proofing would be in order. The story itself is thoroughly enjoyable, and I am looking forward to the sequel. The cover is awesome, and was one of the things that intrigued me to reading it.

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