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You Are an Asshole

(Patterned ‘You Are My Sunshine’/ Johnny Cash)

(Dedicated to Laura Packard/ @lpackard.  Read the article. Retweet the article.)


You Are an Asshole

Aislynn d’Merricksson, ©2017


The other night, cove, when I lay sleeping,

I dreamt my homeland was strong and free.

But then I woke up, and was mistaken

So I hung my head and cried.


You are an asshole,

a raging asshole.

You make me angry

with your ignorant ways.


You spread fake news and blow hot air,

waving tiny hands and making buttfaces.

You bully people, and play with Nazis

just to feel like you are special.


But it’s false, cove, a fake facade.

You’re a joke, man and we all know it.

It’s only time now, til your glass castle

come crashing to the ground.


You’re a white supremacist,

racist and misogynistic.

You mock our Constitution

every chance you get.


We’ll always loathe you, and strive against you,

If you all you do is hate.

Now that Mueller is on the case, cove,

You’ll regret it all some day.

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      1. Want to know something funny though? When the email notification for this post popped up it just said it was from you and then only said You Are an Asshole. LMAO!! I was like “ok, but you don’t have to say it out loud!” ?

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