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Book Review: Ultimate Expeditions: Rainforest Explorer by Nancy Honovich

***This book was reviewed for Quarto Press via Netgalley

Dive into the field journal of Harold Bennington, on expedition for the Charles Natural History Museum, and explore the wealth of the Amazon. Traverse the largest rainforest on earth and learn about the mighty jaguar, whose jaws can crack a bowling ball, the colorful macaw, one of the world’s most intelligent birds, tapir, with its unusual snoot, and many other Amazonian critters!

The artwork and layout of this book is a beautiful canvas painted with the likenesses of the many jungle denizens. I love that the field journal included ‘taped in’ photos, and other items like macaw feathers and caiman scales. Many of the illustrations depict jungle scenes such as a macaw flock warning off a python invading their nest, and a ma and baby tapir foraging for supper. Each animal had a four page spread, with plenty of neat facts about habitat, lifestyle, special features, and diet. All of my cubs enjoyed this lovely book. I’m hoping there are more in the series we can get!


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