Reviews A-G


Across the Darkling Sea by K Ferrin  

Alone by Cyn Balog  

Amazon Wisdom Keeper by Dr Loraine Y Van Tuyl  

Amazing World: Sea Creatures by Lee Martin  

Ann, Not Annie by Sage Steadman  



Banged-Up Heart by Shirley Melis 

BawB’s Raven Feathers Vol. V by Robert Chomany

(Audiobook) The Beekeeper’s Apprentice by Laurie R King, narrated by Jenny Sterlin  

Black Bird of the Gallows by Megan Kassel  

The Boy in the Suitcase by Lene Kaaberbol & Agnete Friis   

The Boy in the Suitcase by NV Baker   

The Brightest Fell by Seanan McGuire  



The Chess Queen Enigma by Colleen Gleason  

Creature Files: Predators by LJ Tracosas  




Education of a Coroner by John Bateson  


Fallen Star by Allison Morse

Fate Of the Stars by Arwen Paris  

Finding My Badass Self by Sherry Stanfa-Stanley  

The Funeral Flower by Michelle Jester  




Gate of Air by Resa Nelson  

Goblins of Bellwater by Molly Ringle 

The Governor’s Daughter by Sambath Meas