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Rant: Resistance is not futile! I will not be assimilated!

Ok, so Port Jericho is primarily a book blog and my author home. I don’t normally rant here about things other than writing, and certainly not politics. I hate politics. I find it all petty, childish bickering to be honest. But this world, it’s going to hell in a handbasket, and it ain’t Crowley’s hell with endless, orderly queues. (Only a British King of Hell). I could deal with that hell. So, I’m going to indulge my need to rant. 

Crowley, King of Hell, Supernatural

I never, not in my wildest imaginings, would have thought to find myself

a) part of a resistance


b) a proponent of secession.

But I am. I’m both of these things. This administration of hate and vitriol disgusts me. I live in California, and yes, there is a group interested in secession, albeit not in violent fashion. If it happens, it’ll take years. I’m for it though. I’d like to live in a sane country, though it seems the viciousness has taken over everywhere. Countries look like little kids kicking sand in each others’ faces.

 This white superiority complex? That pisses me off to no end. This country… it ain’t rightfully white folks’. Europeans came here and decimated indigenous populations. They destroyed, or helped destroy beautiful, flourishing civilizations. Take a gander sometime. See how many distinct cultures and languages white people wiped out in the Americas. And they did it with slaves. So much innocent blood spilt in the name of ‘conquest’.  I never expected a resurgence of the Klan in my lifetime. That really disgusts me.

Yea, I have British lineage, from all over the UK. But I also have native blood in both sides of my family. My grandma, she taught me to Respect people. Colour, creed, philosophy. None of that matters with compassion. I do have a prejudice though. I despise assholes. Don’t be an asshole.

Our civilisation is imploding, like ancient Rome. It really is true… history echoes itself, all down the ages, all because people can’t see the trees, only the forest. Yeah, I know I used it backward, but it’s true. We see the forest, the past, and talk about how awful things were, and this or that could have fixed things, but we don’t see the trees even when the branches smack us in the face as we run headlong down a forest path, racing for a prize that doesn’t exist. It’s a trap of certain destruction.

Newsflash- White people aren’t special. And we certainly aren’t discriminated against.

And this bullhonkey about men being superior to women? Hell no. We only think with one head… the rational one our counterparts were gifted with but ignore in favour of dick-waving and posturing. And when you have that on a global scale, that shit’s scary, son. Nuclear warfare terrifies me.

Nor are Christians special. They ain’t persecuted anymore either. Now they persecute others. Not all, I know. But a lot. And yes, it is persecution if you can’t just accept there are people who follow other paths. I follow a pagan path. I get so sick of smug assholes telling me I’m going to hell for not following their god. Nope. Not going to your Christian hell. Keep yer judgements to yourself, please and thank you.

Straight people aren’t special either. Why do people feel they need to judge the sexual/gender identification of others. Being gay isn’t contagious. It’s not a plague. You can’t catch it. Why do people care?? And this nonsense about LGBTQ folk being somehow less? I call bullshit. They are folk just like you and I. Same hopes and dreams.

And, you know what? Strip everything away and we are all the same underneath. Unless you have technical knowledge of forensic anthropology, a skeleton is a skeleton. You can’t see skin colour, sexual preference, religious creed. Bones are bones, and it’s to bones we all return. Or bone dust for the cremated. Then you really can’t tell. So why spend so much time on hatred?

So let’s foster compassion, folks. Love one another. Help one another. One day you may be the one in need. Put differences aside. See that we are all human.

Don’t let the hatred and violence win. Stand against fascists and Nazis. If mosques and black churches are bombed and set alight, we should be talking about it, just like arson of white churches. If people are run over for standing against hatred, that’s a big deal.

Charlottesville is a great tragedy. It’s running along that dark path to sure destruction. We cannot let such things become normal. Become commonplace. Fight the good fight, folks. Keep it real. Keep it sane.

That’s my rambling rant. It needed to be said.

We will now return you to your regularly scheduled bookish fun.

Here- have a hedgepig.


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