The Fleet

This is a list of the Sana Fleet Ships (planet bound airships) and the Al’sana Fleet counterparts (voidships). The Sikkarans refer to ‘space’ as ‘the void’. Exp means exploration, war means warship and med means medical/science ship. The SF Phoenix is the Grand Flagship of the Argosian/Sikkaran Sana Fleet, and the ASF Starblaze serves as the counterpart in the void.

Each flagship holds 5,000 strike fighters, which each have one or more gunners and a captain. plus, of course, all the support personnel. The Grand Flagship Phoenix holds 10,000 strike fighters.

Strike-fighter units are as follows:

100 ships equals a talon. Each talon is lead by a Major.

5 talons equals a sri-talon. Each sri-talon is lead by a Lt. Col.

2 sri-talons equal a kori-talon. Each kori-talon is lead by a Col.

(a quarti-talon of fighters equals 25 ships. A harth-talon, 50 ships)


Ship speed is measured in hela, trihela or tetrahela


Each flagship is commanded by an Admiral. The Admiral’s second in command is the flagship’s commander.


The Phoenix, the Grand Flagship of the Sana Fleet, and the Starblaze, the Grand Flagship of the Al’sana Fleet, are each commanded by a Fleet Admiral and their second in command is called a Flag Captain.

SF Kujata -> ASF Irontusk (exp)

SF Phoenix -> ASF Starblaze (flag)

SF Barghest -> ASF Cus’ennor (war)

SF Shyva -> ASF Shatterheart (med)

SF Wyshup -> ASF Moon’s Howell (exp)

SF Rannack -> ASF Diamond Dust (med)

SF Gorgon -> ASF Stonesnake (exp)

SF Ifreet -> ASF Heatstrike (war)

SF Thunderhawk -> ASF Furywind (war)

SF Manticora -> ASF Venom Mark (exp)

SF Baal -> ASF Solarsea (war)

SF Pasuzu -> ASF Warden (med)

SF Humbaba-> ASF Starshard (exp)

SF Fenrir -> ASF Rokkar (war)



These ships have an Old One who serves as the ‘heart’ of the ship, and is fused with it even more closely than a ship or station’s al’raj/a would be.


ASF Heart of Ramus (exp)

ASF Crucible (med)

ASF Hallen’s Forge (war)

ASF Echomark (exp)

ASF Orix’baak (med)

ASF Xibalba (war)

Jerachi ship Titan -> Titan’s Forge (war). A former Argosian flagship that was retired. Purchased by Jericho and sunk to the bottom of the Aeryth Ocean where it lay tethered and protected until needed. Equipped with large ion cannon known as ‘The Hammer’. Ship was brought up and established as a mobile base for the mercenary and Hunter guilds who fought in the Ishkaran War, in an effort to wipe out the slave trade. The ship now remains a presence at Port Jericho.

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