De Sikkari Planetary Notes/Al’sana Fleet/Colonies

Planetary Notes


De Sikkari is one of several moons orbiting the gas giant of Dol Mon.


Dol Mon is one planet in a system of seven, that orbit a twin sun centre.


Dol Mon has 7 moons, the outermost three of which are inhabited. It is the 2nd largest gas giant in the system and the only planet to have naturally occurring life associated with it.


Dep Chocba and Del Amarr are the other inhabited  moons orbiting Dol Mon.  De Leina is an inner moon with a colony base, so artificially sustained life. It is home to a Technomancer colony that mines the mage metals there. The colony is only inhabited fully every 6 years, when the mines have regenerated. During the downtime, a skeleton crew keeps things up, cycling off every six months and being replaced by a new crew.


Dol Mon is primarily coloured lavendar, rose and orange. It can always be seen in the Sikkaran sky.


Colonies/Tachyon Stations


Tachyon is the name given to Sikkaran military and scientific research space stations. The name ‘Tachyon’ is followed by a numeric designation, ie: Tachyon 743, Tachyon 228


Jericho Anuri is a former Tachyon station purchased by the Sikkaran ‘city’ of Port Jericho, so it could expand its endeavours. The station retains its al’raj, and has a complement of Technomancers assigned to it still, though they are few in number.

***Jericho is allied with Argoth, the main force behind Sikkaran planetary government, by marriage. Kieren Altrethes, a younger son of Emperor Altrethes, is liya to the Lady of Jericho.


Jericho Anuri Layout:


Like Port Jericho itself, Anuri is broken into 4 distinct Wards that function mostly independent of one another.


The middle of the station is the Arboretum, the park-sized, tree filled area that is a part of all Tachyon stations and Al’Sana fleetships. Foodstuffs are cultivated in parts of the Arboretum, as well as in North Ward’s 2 agrarian and domestics bays which simulate life planetside and allow the station to process much of its own food.  (Transmutation pods provide the remainder)


Around the Arboretum’s edges lay the core functions areas. Here is where medical services and command services can be found. The security offices for each Ward are also found here.  The main engineering section lies below the Arboretum, and heat from engineering is routed into the Arboretum itself.  The offices and labs of the Technomancers can be found adjacent to the engineering section.


North Ward- devoted to agrarian/domesticate pursuits, as well as scientific endeavours.


South Ward- ‘Starfly Alley’, mirrors Firefly Alley on Jericho, offering myriad sensual pleasures to the travellers who visit the station.


East Ward- This is the main docking area and visitors quarters area of the station. Also the main area for the mercenary and Hunter groups (see below). The contract offices for the groups are along the Arboretum’s outer edge.


West Ward- This area, like Port Jericho, contains the gambling establishments, taverns, and distilleries. It is also where you will find the Artificer’s Guild.


Command structure of Anuri-


Sir Cor Bradford, Marshal of Anuri: called ‘Marshal’ as a name, but it is really his rank/title. He is the one in charge of Anuri, the voice of the Lady on this distant outpost. One of Jericho’s Praetorian Guard


Sir Jovin Hamilton: Marshal’s second in command, also of the Jerachi Praetorian Guard.


Sir Anita Conlinn, Aedile of Anuri: commonly called by the title Aedile, she is the person in charge of all of the station’s security forces. Reports to Hamilton and Marshal

(Culture note: ‘Sir’ is a title independent of gender and is used for members of both the Argosian and the Jerachi Praetorian Guard.)


Sir Leeta Munroe: Anita’s second in command.


The remaining 4 Praetorian Guard of the unit assigned to Anuri are tasked with keeping order in their respective sections of the station. There is one assigned to each of the four ‘Wards’ of the station, who report to Anita and Leeta. They work with the Ward Castellans, who report to Marshal and Hamilton.

***Each Ward employs a complement of 12 officers who rotate shifts. The officers in each Ward report to the Praetorian Guards who run each section

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