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World-walker, runeweaver, author, poet, archaeologist, biblioanthropologist, metaphysicist, and beloved of Dr Jonas Merricksson.

Welcome, friends! You can call me Aislynn, you can call me Dr d’Merricksson, bakken’té, you can even call me Chronicler, whichever suits your fancy. I am a worldwalker, an anthropologist of a very special sort, blessed with the keys to exploring a wonderful new realm. A biblioanthropologist, if you will. Together with my partner, Dr Jonas Merricksson, I have recorded the tales, legends, epics and stories of everyday life of the world known as De Sikkari.


Now for the boring stuff…

I am a university graduate with a BA in Anthropology, and both a Masters and a PhD in Philosophy. I have a specialization in mythic studies, especially dragon mythology, and in archaeology and anthropology. Until recently, I taught classes in mythic studies and ethics, among which were Blessings of Bragi: An Introduction to Myth and Legend, and a pair of classes (The Mythic Feminine, The Mythic Masculine) which focused on the Heroine’s Journey and the Hero’s Journey respectively, which I compiled myself.

I have been an avid, albeit shy, writer of both poetry and creative fiction for over two decades. I am a published author, with two books to my name (Dragonlore, as Ash DeKirk, The Joy of Being, as Cala Gobraith) and one co-authorship (The Wizard’s Bestiary, as Ash DeKirk). I currently have several works in progress- a mystery set in the world of De Sikkari, a horror story set in the same world, and plans for a non-fiction book on rune lore and rune weaving. I would eventually like to compile the type of book of world mythology that I’ve always wanted, and a book teaching others to be biblioanthropologists in their own right.

Besides playing in the realm of De Sikkari, I am a professional book reviewer for several places, including the San Francisco Book Review. Best job(s) in the worlds!

I live in northern California, where I am an innkeeper at the beautiful Pacifica Beach Hotel, in Pacifica, CA.

If you’re ever visiting San Francisco, and I recommend it at least once in your life, come on down and say hi. Sit a spell, and have a chat!

Aislynn with elder kitty Zoltan.
Aislynn with elder kitty Zoltan.

(As I am sure you’ve noticed by the publishing credits, I have a plethora of names. Ash Clark is my legal birth name. Ash DeKirk/Cala Gobraith are pen names. I am currently in the process of changing my name to Julianna Aislynn d’Merricksson.)






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Author interview I did with Ms. Fiona McVie of AuthorsInterviews.

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    1. I suppose you could say that too, but I use it to refer to how I approach my writing. I don’t feel I created De Sikkari, so much as was gifted a pass through a door. I look at it all from the point of view of a cultural anthropologist. I see these cultures and people dynamically. I share the stories I learn here. I do not ‘visit’ in the same timeframe I write about. The last date on the timeline page, that’s always my starting point.

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