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Slang of a Bygone Era- Colonial  


The Mythic Feminine, Part 1: Beginnings  

The Mythic Feminine, Part 2: Of Archetypes and Journeys  

The Mythic Feminine, Part 3: Christopher Vogler’s Variation of the Heroine’s Journey  

The Mythic Feminine, Part 4: Victoria Schmidt’s Feminine Journey  

The Mythic Feminine, Part 5: Maureen Murdock’s Heroine Journey Variation  

The Mythic Feminine, Part 6: Descent of the Goddess: Inanna (Sumerian Myth)  

The Mythic Feminine, Part 7: Tragic Heroine: Rhiannon (Welsh Celtic)  

The Mythic Feminine, Part 8: Legendary Heroine: Hua Mulan (Chinese)  

The Mythic Feminine, Part 9: Modern Heroine: Arya Stark (A Song of Ice and Fire series by GRR Martin)  

The Mythic Feminine, Part 10: Gender-Bender: Stephen Ezard (The Last Enemy, BBC)  



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Fight the Future/ Gary Borgnis  

Frankenstein and Serengeti: Monster and Machine/ J.B. Rockwell (Serengeti)  

Favourite Classic Paranormal Novels/ Alistair Cross (Sleep, Savannah, Sleep)  

Good and Evil – The Almost Invisible Line/ ME Rhines (Swim)  

Plain Talk/ Susan Mac Nicol (Survival Game)  

Top 5 Favourite Dragon Books/ Nicole Conway (Savage)  



Percy Fawcett’s Fringe Archaeology  


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