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Open Book Blog Hop: What’s On Your Bucket List?

I’ve never really given much thought to a bucket list.

I’d love to travel to the UK, especially to Cymru. The greater bulk of my ancestry came from various parts of the British Isles. As a Sherlockian, I want to visit Baker Street, have my picture taken by the Sherlock statue, and visit Undershaw, Conan Doyle’s​ former home.

I’d love to travel to Italy/Sicily, for the archaeological wonders therein. Herculaneum and Pompeii are two places I’ve wanted to visit since childhood.

I’d love to visit CERN.

I’d love to visit the ruins of Karokorum in Mongolia. Temujin has always fascinated me.

I’d love to visit Salvatore Lucania’s crypt in New York

I want to visit Rapa Nui.

I want to visit the sites of concentration camps, to pay honour and remembrance to a terrible time in (modern) human history. I want to visit Wounded Knee for the same reason.

I’d love to write several more books.

I’d love to gain a decent proficiency with my violin and cello playing. Seeing how I only started learning within the past two years, any little gain makes me ecstatically happy. 😛

I’d (theoretically) like to meet the following people:


RA Salvatore


Brandon Sanderson

Laurie R King

Naomi Novik

Kevin Hearne


Josh Gates

Joshua Bell


Robert Downey Jr

Sasha Roiz

David Tennant

Mark Gatiss

Timothy Omundson

Benedict Cumberbatch

Tom Hiddleston


I say theoretically because many of these people, either for prestige, or height, reasons would intimidate the hell out of me. 

I’ve checked Neil Gaiman, Jane Goodall, Lindsey Stirling, Mark Sheppard, Jared Padalecki, Julian Richings, Richard Speight Jr, Mark Pellegrino, and William Shatner from the ‘people I’d like to meet’ list.







Thesese are all part of my bucket list.  What’s on your bucket list?  Let’s share with each other then hop on over to my fellow authors and see what’s on their bucket list.

May 22 – What’s On Your Bucket List?
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