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Poem: No Price


No Price

Aislynn d’Merricksson, ©2004


What is of the greatest value-

past, present and future?


It is…

The love of family,

the acceptance of friends,

finding a place to belong.


 A second chance,

a new lease on life,

a hope for the future.


A newborn’s wail,

the tears of a child,

the soft hum of a mother’s voice.


Laughter around the campfire,

contentment in a life well-lived,

whispered prayers at Death’s door.


The purr of a cat,

the howl of a dog,

the gentle trill of birds at daybreak.


The chitter of squirrels gathering a harvest,

the peeping of fuzzy chicks,

the snort and stamp of horses on a foggy morn.


The haunting call of a lone owl,

the distant harmony of wolfsong,

the piercing shriek of the hunting kestrel.


A spider weaving a web,

a butterfly bursting from it’s chrysalis,

a chorus of crickets at dusk.


Fluffy cotton dotting the sky,

forked lightning and growling thunder,

a multi-hued rainbow after the rains.


Diamond dust in the night sky,

pastel wisps of a clear, crisp dawn,

muted snowfall blanketing a forest.


Rolling breakers on the seashore,

autumn leaves dancing a whirlwind,

golden dunes in a sere desert.


It is…

glimpsing the Mobius Serpent,

dancing the Spiral,

communing with the One.


All these things and many more,

each of the greatest value.



Because no man can name their price.


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