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I review books for a number of places, and post my reviews here at Jericho, as well as through Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and LibraryThing, unless the reviews are for editorials. Then you’ll only find them here, Goodreads and Librarything.

**As of this time, Port Jericho Reviews are no longer welcome in the ‘reviews’ section of Amazon. They may, however, be put in the editorial section by the publisher, in part or in full. Editorial reviews should be creditedeither Port Jericho Reviews *or * J Aislynn d’Merricksson, author of Evalyce: Worldshaper.

Why? Because Amazon sucks.

Jericho is linked to my Facebook pages, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+, so when a review is posted here, it gets shared around 🙂

I am open to receiving requests for reviews. Email with your request and put ‘Review Request’ in the subject line.  I read fairly quickly, but I have a backlog currently.

In addition to reviewing, I also partake in book blog tours and author interviews. If interested in either of those, just email me and put ‘blog tour’ or ‘author interview’ in the subject line.


I am open to reviewing the following:




*historical fiction



*young adult

*non-fiction history, archaeology, anthropology, philosophy, and some science



I will consider autobiography/biography/memoirs, religion, and romance/erotica on a book by book basis. These are not my normal preferences.


I am not open to reviewing Christian fiction


I prefer to read .mobi style ebooks.



I strive to be fair and impartial in my reviewing. In cases where I can contact the author directly, I will refrain from leaving truly negative reviews and instead offer private constructive criticism. The lowest star rating I am likely to publicly leave is a 3, which is average. I’ll be honest, as with my gaming, I can devour a good story even if the mechanics aren’t perfect. That’s why I can still happily play the original Final Fantasy VII despite the outdated graphics. Story, baby! It’s got it. That’s what I crave.

Here’s a general idea of what ‘stars’ mean to me:

1*- book has serious technical flaws, grammar errors, and spelling errors. Not even an astounding story can salvage it.  (I prefer private contact in this case)

2*- there are technical flaws, grammar errors, and spelling errors, but the story made up for it. (I prefer private contact in this case)

3*- scattering of technical flaws, grammar errors, and spelling errors, but the story is awesome.

4*- good mechanics, good story

5*- awesome story, great mechanics

As with any review, these are my opinions. Not everyone’s gonna agree. I try to look at things from my viewpoint, as well as the target audience viewpoint and will always add if I think certain readers will really like or dislike something. I’ll always try to find comparison points. If you like x, then you’ll likely enjoy this.