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Month in Review: May 2017

Books Read and Reviewed in May


The Eugenics Wars Vol. 1 by Greg Cox.

Writing Vivid Emotions by Rayne Hall

Just Things by Erin Lee

Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus: Revelations by Lydia Sherrer

Zen for Druids by Joanna van der Hoeven

Daughters​ of Carrawburgh by Nigel Plane

Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus: Allies by Lydia Sherrer

Black Dawn by Mal McCartney

Coming Darkness by Susan-Alia ​Terry

Are We Happy Yet? by Lisa Cypers Kamen

Keep in a Cold Dark Place by Michael Stewart

Dreams of the Queen by Jacqueline Patricks


Blast from the Past

The Eugenics Wars Vol 1 by Greg Cox


I first read this book in college, not too long after I entered a period intense transformation. In September of 1999 I began having eye problems that kept me out of school for large chunks of time. Over three years I had 8 surgeries. Seven to stabilise and salvage the right eye, and one to prevent retinal detachment in the left. Star Trek has always been a comfort and Khan a favourite character. I loved these when I first read them and the reread wonderful.



Best Reads of the Month

Just Things by Erin Lee


This book terrified me at times. It drives deep into the mind of a serial killer. The author did much research, and was brave enough to go into prisons to interview murderers. Having studied forensics for several years, I know how rough that most certainly must have been. Well worth the read!




Daughters​ of Carrawburgh by Nigel Plane


A book spanning the centuries, centering on a series of standing stones known as the Daughters of Carrawburgh. Archaeologists working at the site begin finding evidence of sacrifice. A psychic, summoned by the current owner of the site, begins to see the ghosts of the past. If only he knew what they were trying to tell him.




Keep in a Cold Dark Place by Michael Stewart



This children’s horror story made use of a cryptid creature of legend not often used in the book I’ve read and I loved it. I spent time researching the chupacabra for a book I was co-authoring. It is a tale of how unchecked fear can overtake our lives, but it is we ourselves, and only we, that can vanquish that fear.



Best Series New to Me

Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus by Lydia Sherrer



I started this series as part of a blog tour, and fell in love with it. It’s very much Harry Potter for adults! Here, magick comes in two flavours- wizards who utilise “the Source”, and master their willpower, and witches, who work with outside entities to gain their magic. I love Sebastian, a witch, and Lydia’s closest friend. His magick comes from several absolutely adorable fae. If you are looking for a new fantasy series, I’d check this one out!



Evalyce News

Along different lines, I drew a picture of one of the fauna f Dear Sikkari, the world I write it. It’s just a simple sketch, but I am quite proud of it. I also did a picture of Argosian strike fighters over the ocean.
And a fan workup of Draccus, a character from my story Obsidian Alcatraz! Rather tickled at the ‘model’ for him. 🙂



Argosian strike fighters over ocean sunset




Draccus, Obsidian Alcatraz








Ishkaran súp bator (snub-nosed sand bear)

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