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Liebster Award

Many thanks to Darque Dreamer Reads for the Liebster Award nomination!



What It Is

‘Liebster’ is German, meaning ‘beloved’. This award is to honour your favourite bloggers. Or really, just any blogger who might need a bit of love at the moment. It’s a great way to help baby bloggers into a wider community, and to get to better know the bloggers you already follow.


The Rules

1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award.

2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you.

3. Nominate 11 blogs.

4. Notify those blogs of the nomination.

5. Give them 11 questions to answer.


Katie Judges Books’ Questions:

Per Darque Dreamer’s request, I picked a set of questions from their nominations.


1) Why and how did you start blogging?

      My blog started as an author website when Evalyce was first published, and quickly got overtaken as a book review place. I enjoy helping fellow authors.

2) Does it ever feel like work and how do you juggle all the other responsibilities?

        I am bad about overcommitting myself and sometimes that makes it stressful, and more like work. Overall, though, it’s lots of fun. I’m lucky in that I work as a night auditor/innkeep, and have the quiet night-depths to work in. Two for one!


3) Do you ever connect with authors/chat with them?

          Yes, of course! I think it is hard to be a good book blogger and not interact with authors.

4) Do you like writing reviews and what do you do when you have to write a bad review?

           I love writing the reviews. As I mentioned above, I enjoy helping authors, and every tiny bit of coverage helps. The lowest review I will give is a three star. If the rating would be less than, I will go out of my way to contact the author with private objective constructive criticism. Especially if I know they are baby authors.


5) Do you do tags and all these things or do you just post reviews?

       I was just posting reviews, and tour info, but I’ve started coming out of my shell and networking with fellow book bloggers. So, I’m doing other types of posts now. Tags, memes. Writingcraft and lorekeeping. Poetry and WIP Snippets.

6) Do you schedule your posts in advance or just go with it and try to post as regularly as possible?

       I was doing them every few days, but as I joined tour groups as a host, I discovered the value of scheduling, and it’s been a lifesaver.


7) Do all your friends read or are you friends with people who do not read?

        Most of my friends and family are readers. I’m extremely introverted, and find it difficult to connect with people. My brother in law thinks I may be faintly Asperger’s, but I’ve never been formally diagnosed such. Reading and books and knowledge/philosophy are some of my main connection points with people. And quite frankly, I don’t understand people who never read. They are like some foreign species to me.



8) What do you feel like when watching the movie/series not following the book?

         It depends. If the author had little to no input and it’s a matter of the director needing to be smacked upside the head with the book, I get irritated if they deviate too much unnecessarily. Some change is, of course, necessary given format constraints. If the author has influence (GoT), then it becomes a fascinating chance to see how the author might have taken the story.


9) Your favorite book at any point of life?

           Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories. Jurassic Park. Dracula.

10) Do you stick to one genre or do you read diverse books?

            Becoming a professional book reviewer has prompted me to expand my repertoire, but I’m still most partial to fantasy, and certain nonfiction like philosophy and anthropology.


11) Did you like the books you had to read in school or not?  

            Not always, no. I appreciate those books more today though. I did always enjoy Shakespeare.


My Nominations

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Giselle/ XPresso Book Tours  

Howling Libraries  

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Lola/ Lola’s Blog Tours  


Cait/ Paper Fury  

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Stellar Kitten Book Reviews  


By no means should you feel obligated to post regarding the award. I enjoy the connections I have made and wanted to give some love! And a bit of notice! I hope my own readers/followers find cool new blogs to stalk.


My Questions

  1. Are you a pirate or a ninja?
  2. What mythical beastie is your most favourite and why?
  3. What book would you LOVE to see as a movie.
  4. How long have you been blogging?
  5. Are you also an author yourself?
  6. What’s your Myers-Brigg personality, if you know it?
  7. Have you ever kept any ‘exotic’ or unusual pets? What were they?
  8. Can you recall what made you fall in love with reading?
  9. Which author(s) would you most like to meet?
  10. Which genres do you prefer? Which do you dislike?
  11. What are your most favourite words? Which words do you loathe?

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  1. Gah Aislynn, I love your questions! ♥️ THANK YOU SO MUCH! I so appreciate the nomination. I’m put this in my tag and award line because I’m young you have fun with these!

    Your answers so impressed me! To only do 3 stars and contact the author, wow, such dedication! And I’m liking the expanded content I’ve been seeing here ?

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