Guest Post by Gemma Brocato: Are the Muses Still Relevant in Modern Life

Hello and thank you so much for hosting me today. I had to think for a while about the best way to answer your question; Are The Muses Still Relevant In Modern Life? To give the most rational answer I can, I had to first consider what the world would be like without them.

Imagine a world where you don’t hear Adele on the radio at least once a day. Or Jimmy Fallon is some kind of mid-management pencil pusher and not a comedic genius. I can’t fathom a world folding in on itself because not a single scientist could be moved to explore new worlds, or new medicines. Earth would be a pretty one-dimensional planet.

I could go on, but you get the idea. The Muses inspire creativity in music and theater, in literature and art. Without their influence, who would push us to create these things? I believe the Muses continue to speak to mere mortals, urging them to even greater discoveries. If not for the little nuggets of ideas these goddesses sow, we might never find a cure for cancer. The great performing artists of stage and screen might go mute, searching for the right words to move humans to great emotion.

One person’s Muse might ‘speak’ differently than another. Some might make a person really search hard for the answer to a question niggling at their mind before revealing the nature of the inspiration. Other might zap their targets like an arrow to the mind, making that giant honking light bulb flare to life over their head. I’ve always considered my Muse to be female, but a friend insists hers is a dude. But whether male or female, we both listen to the tidbits of inspiration they fire our direction. And to my way of thinking, that makes the Muses relevant in modern life.

Thank you again for having me. I hope your readers enjoy Tyranny and find themselves inspired in some small way.

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