Okay, I’m a little late to this party, but it’s rockin’ all year long. I’ve plenty of time to play! 


My goal is to read 42 of my back-logged review copies before year’s end. Progress will be updated!


  1. Dark Spirits by Stephen Lancaster/ 4.17.17
  2. Fatal Option by Chris Beakey/ 4.22.17

  3. Something Wicked by Debi Chestnut/ 4.26.17

  4. Zen for Druids by Joanna van der Hoeven/ 5.9.17

  5. Coming Darkness by Susan-Alia Terry/ 5.21.17

  6. Lockdown by Samie Sands/ 6.11.17

7. Reflections of Queen Snow White by David Meredith/  7.16.17

8. The List by Patricia Forde/ 8.13.17




Okay, I do reviewing professionally, but there are some things I’ve drawn the line at, and others that simply capture my attention when they show up. I’ve joined this challenge to push my boundaries. Romance, erotica, LGBTQ, and certain historic fiction subgenres like Western have been on my will not review list. My goal is to read 22 books by year’s end to challenge my limits. Progress will be updated.


  1. Lord of Chance/ Erica Ridley/ hist fic romance/ 4.27.17

2. Freak/ Erin Lee/ LGBTQ/ 7.1.17

3. Mr Prescott by Carlos Dash/ romance/ 8.16.17



I love Salvatore’s work, especially the Drizzt novels. Salvatore is one of those authors who has inspired my own writing.  Tackling this pile will be most awesome!

Progress will be updated!