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Jan 6th- 12th

Life and Things It’s continued to rain almost the entire time my family has been gone 😧  We’ve needed the rain though. There’s also been an earthquake nearby, and a bad windstorm. Due to my health issues, my guinea pig has been relocated to a happy new home. It was a decision I wrestled with… Read More Jan 6th- 12th

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Dec 30th- Jan 5th

Life and Things I’m late getting this off! It’s been a rather nice time, having my family gone away. They’ll not move back til the 12th, so it’s just me, the cats, and the blessed quiet. It would, of course, start raining the day after they left…  I dislike being rained on, and I usually… Read More Dec 30th- Jan 5th

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Dec 23rd- 29th

Life and Things Hope everyone had a lovely Yule! Ours was pretty good. I got books, a hand-carved tiki, handcrafted Dalek magnets (soooo cute! I collect daleks 😆). I also collect snow globes, and my family gave me a snow globe from the play Aladdin. Life has been hectic, what with two holidays. Tried to… Read More Dec 23rd- 29th

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Dec 15- 22nd

Life and Things Mostly quiet week. Still working through Stranger Things. So far, I’m still enjoying it, but I liked the first season more. I went to a work Christmas party and got to discuss archaeology with a friend’s brother. I do get to participate in clinical trials for my liver condition. It’s double-blind, but… Read More Dec 15- 22nd

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Nov 25- Dec 1st

Life and Things I had a visit with the glaucoma Dr on the 30th, and got a verdict of borderline ocular hypertension. I’ll be monitored a few months, to gather more data points, and then they’ll see if drops are warranted. I did learn that my cornea is thicker than normal, which makes pressure readings… Read More Nov 25- Dec 1st

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Nov 4- 10th

Life and Things This has been a pretty quiet week, for the most part. The ‘day’ job did offer some passing amusement when a random dude called me around 3am, and started asking me rather personal questions. I guess he missed the ‘Pacifica Beach Hotel. This is Aislynn…’ bit when I answered, because he thought… Read More Nov 4- 10th