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December 2017

Hope everyone had a wonderful Yule, and a happy New Year!   Life and Things I joined a liver study, and have been continuing my dietary guidelines. The holidays certainly were hard! I indulged in desserts and things, but I’m back to salads and hummus again 😆.  I was approached to be part of a… Read More December 2017

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November 2017

Life and Things This has been an interesting and looonngg month. Lots of small books read with my cubs. Lotsa ups and downs too. I joined one liver study and have been approached about joining a second. For the first one, I had something called a fibroscan done. It was basically a teeny tiny thumper,… Read More November 2017

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October 2017

Life and Things I got to meet Chuck Wendig, Kevin Hearne, and Fran Wilde. Cool pics and autographed books. October was also our local Pumpkin Festival, wherein I learned that I’m closer than I probably think in making that first Devil’s Slide walk. The festival was a good deal of walking, but I didn’t start… Read More October 2017