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Nov 4- 10th

Life and Things This has been a pretty quiet week, for the most part. The ‘day’ job did offer some passing amusement when a random dude called me around 3am, and started asking me rather personal questions. I guess he missed the ‘Pacifica Beach Hotel. This is Aislynn…’ bit when I answered, because he thought… Read More Nov 4- 10th

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October 2017

Life and Things I got to meet Chuck Wendig, Kevin Hearne, and Fran Wilde. Cool pics and autographed books. October was also our local Pumpkin Festival, wherein I learned that I’m closer than I probably think in making that first Devil’s Slide walk. The festival was a good deal of walking, but I didn’t start… Read More October 2017

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Sept 23rd- Sept 29th

Life and Things Well, I got my biopsy results back. It confirms that I have NASH. I do not have any malignancies, or autoimmune hepatitis. There is significant scarring, but not yet to the point of cirrhosis. The doctor is confident we can get things reversed. Gastric bypass may still be necessary, but we are… Read More Sept 23rd- Sept 29th

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Sept 16th- Sept 22nd

Life and Things I’m finally off of my lifting restrictions after the biopsy. Finally. I know it’s necessary, but I felt so pathetic. I had a nutritionist visit Monday, and was pleased to learn that I’ve lost 5 lbs over the two weeks between visits. The goal was 3 lbs. My resting BP and heartrate… Read More Sept 16th- Sept 22nd

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Liebster Award

Many thanks to Darque Dreamer Reads for the Liebster Award nomination!     What It Is ‘Liebster’ is German, meaning ‘beloved’. This award is to honour your favourite bloggers. Or really, just any blogger who might need a bit of love at the moment. It’s a great way to help baby bloggers into a wider… Read More Liebster Award

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You Are an Asshole

(Patterned ‘You Are My Sunshine’/ Johnny Cash) (Dedicated to Laura Packard/ @lpackard.  Read the article. Retweet the article.)   You Are an Asshole Aislynn d’Merricksson, ©2017   The other night, cove, when I lay sleeping, I dreamt my homeland was strong and free. But then I woke up, and was mistaken So I hung my… Read More You Are an Asshole

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Sept 9th- Sept 16th

Life and Things Well, I had my biopsy this past Thursday. I did end up being put under general anesthesia. The procedure took three hours, and then I needed to stay flat for four hours after that. Now I look like a vampire with one fang bit me…  Here’s hoping they find useful information from… Read More Sept 9th- Sept 16th