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Bookish Resolutions/Goals

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl.  Every week has a different topic. Check it out! This week’s theme is bookish resolutions and/or goals.


1. To make a dent in my Netgalley reviews

I’m so bad about letting my eyes overwhelm my common sense in requesting books 😅 I’m getting better, but still…


2. To scale my TBR mountain 

(Actual footage of climbing Mt TBR 😅😂)


3. To edit and update my first published book for a newer edition

I find this both an exciting and terrifying prospect. Must activate research mode.


4. To meet Laurie R King

I adore her Sherlock/Mary Russell series. She’s close by to where I live too, so I’m hoping to meet her this year, when Island of the Mad releases.


5. To meet RA Salvatore

I love everything he’s written, but my favourite is the Legend of Drizzt series. Salvatore has been one of my writing inspirations.


6. To own a copy of Sherlock stories signed by Doyle

I will make this happen this year! I don’t normally go for super rare books, but this, oh, I’d splurge for this.


7. To get out of my writing rut and finish the book I’m currently working on

Ive been severely lacking in the motivation department lately :/


8. To grow my book blog

I’m slowly getting there, I think. Time will tell 😆


9. To complete all of my 2018 reading challenges

Lotsa reading to do!



10 To grow my Litsy presence

If you aren’t familiar with Litsy, it’s a book oriented social media site. It’s loads of fun, and there are prompt challenges, bookstagram challenges, and even book swaps!


So, those are my bookish goals for 2018. Do you share any of the same goals? What book goals do you have for the upcoming year?

20 thoughts on “Bookish Resolutions/Goals

  1. LOL, I think we all want to scale our TBR’s! I’m so there with you on that. And Omg another Drisst fan? I have yet to really meet anyone who read those books except my husband (cause I made him) And he actually read more of them than I did. It’s actually been a while since I read any of his books, makes me want to go back for a reread.  Good luck on your resolutions. I want to finish my 2018 reading challenges as well.

    1. Ooh, yes! Big Drizzt fan here! Did you ever read the War of the Spider Queen series presented by Salvatore, but written by different authors? Not Drizzt-centric, but certainly darlf elf-centric. Great series. I loved Pharaun

  2. I’ve been neglecting Litsy for quite a while now. It’s gone the way of my Instagram and Tumblr accounts, I’m afraid. I wish you good luck with all your goals! I hope you are writing again soon and scale that TBR mountain. I know mine needs to be conquered as well.

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