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Book Review: Zen for Druids by Joanna van der Hoeven

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Van der Hoeven’s Zen for Druids is her second book focuses on combining the nature spiritualism of Druidry with the teachings and tenets of Buddhism. She makes a note that the reader should have read the previous Zen Druidry before reading this one. I would disagree, and say that a familiarity with either Druidry or Zen is sufficient. I have passing knowledge of Zen, and a strong knowledge of Druidry, and had no difficulty in understanding and integrating the text material.

There are five different parts, with various subheadings. Each subheading has questions for the reader to consider, and some have exercises. The first covers the basic precepts of Zen Buddhism. The second looks at the pagan Wheel of the Year, tying one aspect of the Eightfold Path to each of the eight High Days (Solstices, Equinoxes, and the four Celtic Fire Festivals of Samhain, Involved, Beltane, and Lughnasadh). The third and fourth parts focus on meditation and mindfulness practices, and how Zen aspects of these can tie to Druidry. The fifth, and last, looks to fully integrating all of these teaching into a whole practise.

I found this book fascinating. van der Hoeven explained the Zen teachings in such a way that I understood them better than any other books on the subject I’ve read this far, making it seem more obtainable a goal than its ever seemed before. I may take the Wheel of the Year challenge, adapting as needed to my circumstances. I’ve been wanting to rekindle my Druid practise, and integrate it with my Rokkatru beliefs.


????? Highly recommended for any with an interest in adding Zen practise to their Druidry. Also, for a good, concise overview of Zen teachings.

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