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Book Review: Yellowstone Country by David Skernick

This book was reviewed via Netgalley


Yellowstone Country collects together stunning works of art by David Skernick, a nature and travel photographer. These are snapshots of nature’s beauty, and the serenity of the quiet ‘civilised’ places that border wild ones. These are truly things of greatest value, for none can name their price.


One of my favourite pictures is a random Big Boy statue in the middle of the field. Many of the others recalled my childhood growing up on my grandparents’ horse farm. There were several pictures of horses, and some of rusty trucks, circa 1950s, resting in a field. Then there are the photos of wild places- mountains, snow covered trees, riverscapes, elk, deer, moose, bison, bears and wolves.


For a writer, I found this to be a wonderful source of photo prompts and tools to help describe scenes in my own stories. For writers and poets of any flavour, this is a wonderful resource. For those who enjoy nature photography, this is an excellent addition to a photography library.
????? Highly recommended

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