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Book Review: Writing Fight Scenes by Rayne Hall

*This book was purchased by me for my own use, with no expectations of a review to be given.


Writing Fight Scenes is one of Rayne Hall’s many super-specialised writingcraft books. As the name suggests, this one covers the myriad aspects of constructing fight scenes. There are several chapters with topics ranging from types of fight scenes, weapons, armour, male vs female responses and behaviour, the use of euphonics to enhance scenes, army construction, battles, and siege warfare among others. Each chapter contains useful video and book suggestions to further your learning, and ends with a short recap of blunders to avoid.


I have all of this writingcraft series, and it is a staple go-to for me for detailed specifics. I even put the information in this book to use straightaway, with my own ‘work in progress’. I especially found the male vs female curves of arousal for fighting useful because I had no idea they were so different. In retrospect, it makes sense. My main character is female, and this elicited some changes to certain scenes.


???? Highly recommended

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  1. I always find it interesting to see how authors are able to write certain scenes. Especially when it’s not a topic they don’t really have any experience in. Thanks for sharing this. #GetSocial17

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