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Book Review- Writer’s Craft 22: Writing Vivid Emotions by Rayne Hall

I purchased this book for my own edification


Writing Vivid Emotions is book 22 in Rayne Hall’s popular Writer’s Craft series. Each of these wonderful books focuses on a specific aspect of writing or promotional work. This particular book, as the name says, centres around working with vivid emotions in one’s writing. There are several sections, ranging from body language and visceral sensations to use of dialogue and mood description, that teach you to enhance emotions in a way that flows smoothly. In concise fashion, Rayne shows you how to layer emotion, to intensify and reduce emotion within a scene, it set of scenes, and give you tips and tricks that professional writers use. She’ll also give examples of things to avoid, and when and where novice writers are likely to make mistakes.


I have this entire series, and had the pleasure of beta-reading the most recent. I cannot recommend these books enough. Rayne uses clear, precise language in the most efficient way possible. I appreciate that. I dislike wading through fluff to get the information I need. I also love that each book focuses on a single topic.
????? Recommended for any looking to enhance their writingcraft.

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