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Book Review: Wind and Oyster Jack by Marcia G Moore

***This book was reviewed for Schiffer Publishing via Netgalley


Wind and Oyster Jack is a delightful story about a man named Oyster Jack, who goes out every day in his boat named Dinah, traveling to the oyster bars, to trowel them up and sell them. Helping him get out to sea is his good friend Wind, who fills Dinah’s sails full.

One day, they get out to the bars and Wind says she is cold. She tries to use Jack’s coat, but that doesn’t work. On the radio, she hears about a ‘coat of frost’ and goes to find it, but that doesn’t warm her either. The next day, she hears about a ‘blanket of snow’ on the radio, and seeks it out. That only made her colder! The next day, when Wind says she is cold, Jack has a very special gift for her!

I adored the artwork for this story, as did my cubs. This was a cute story with a great point. If someone helps you day after day, you should return that favour whenever possible. Wind did not have to help Jack by blowing his boat out to sea, but she did. Jack got a chance to repay her kindness when he got something special to help Wind stay warm, and attached it to his boat mast.


????? Highly recommended

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