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Book Review: Tyranny by Gemma Brocato



*** This book was reviewed via Netgalley é Barclay Publicity***


Brocato’s Tyranny follows Clio, one of the Greek Muses. It is present day, and Clio, Muse of history, appropriately works in a library. The wheel has turned ’round again, and again Clio and her family are challenged by the demented deity Pierus, whose daughters were turned to magpies after their father tried to elevate them above the Muses in importance.


Over the millennia Pierus has challenged the muses time and again. Their failure would result in a daughter freed of magpie form. This latest challenge involves each Muse being paired to a human mortal in the depths of despair. Using their special gifts, each Muse must inspire wonder and magic again in their human partner.


Fate has brought Jax, once a political advisor, now a teacher, to Delphi University. He is Clio’s match, and they are drawn to one another as magnets. Sparks fly, but can she reignite his sense of wonder, the questing ‘what if’ in time, or will she be the first to free one of the Pierides? She must succeed, lest Tyranny be loosed upon an unsuspecting population of hapless humans.


I enjoyed this story, though I did feel their relationship evolved quite fast. I suppose I was expecting more smoulder and less sizzle. The writing was good, and the story prompted me to go look up Pierus and the story of the Pierides, which I had never heard of before. So I learned something new! That should be the goal of any good book, from non-fiction biography to steamy romance. This genre is not my common forte, but I’m learning to branch out. Finding books like Tyranny make it easy to keep exploring. All it takes is one bad book in a new-to-you genre to thwart any other attempts at expanding your reach.
???? Recommended for those that enjoy steamy romance well-written.

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