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Book Review: Treagar’s Redemption by Isobelle Cate



Treagar’s Redemption is one of the books in the Woodland Creek series. This series is written by a variety of authors, and chronicles the stories of various residents. Woodland Creek is a town where shifters of all kinds live in relative harmony with humans. Our story focuses on Paisley Halleran, daughter of James Halleran, the resident shaman, shifter chronicler, and defense attorney, and on Marcus Treagar, a most unusual shifter.


Marcus, you see, is a sabretooth shifter, and a time jumper. Granted, his time jumps are not under his control. It’s a curse more than a blessing. Marcus belongs to Venice, old Venizia, but has been pulled to different points in the future. As a merchant, his future jumps have been of great benefit, erratic and unplanned as they are. The biggest downside is that the jumps leave him naked and covered in blood, and accompanied by a dead body somewhere close by.


One of Marcus’ time jaunts lands him in Woodland Creek, where he is arrested for the murder of a backpacker. This brings him into contact with Paisley, with whom he has an immediate connection. It is here, too, that Marcus learns the truth of his curse and apparent tendency towards murder. Betrayal and blessings await the sabretooth shifter in Woodland Creek.  


This was another book where I focused more on mechanics than story. Books of this nature are not my usual forte. I’m not looking to get the same things from my normal fare, as readers of romance and erotica seek. As far as those mechanics go, this was a well-written book. It flowed great, and the story of Marcus and his plight drew me in.


I can’t think of another book with shifters that utilised the novelty of sabretooths. Werewolves feel beyond trite to me, and I love stumbling across unusual shifter species. Big cats are always a favourite, though I had to shake my head at Paisley encountering a shifted Marcus in the forest. Heh. Clearly she’s never had the opportunity to work with big cats, or little ones for that matter, or she wouldn’t have earned some new scars.
???? Recommended if you enjoy shifter romance/erotica

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