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Book Review: The Unwanted Puppy by Tina Nolan

This book was reviewed via Netgalley


The Unwanted Puppy is the second of the Animal Rescue Centre books that I’ve read with my cubs, and we seem to have read them out of order! This book comes before The Injured Fox Kit, and so we got to see the beginning of a certain conflict.


Ella discovers a sealed cardboard box on the sidewalk in front of Animal Magic. The box has airholes. Concerned about what may have been abandoned, Ella carefully opens the flaps to reveal a scared retriever puppy. A sign on the box says her name is Honey. Ella and her brother Caleb bring pup and box inside. Wanting to find who dropped Honey off and why, Caleb uses information gleaned from the box and finds her former home. Will Caleb’s detective work pay off, or will Honey need a new home. Meanwhile, Animal Magic’s neighbours have decided to launch a petition of closure. More than just Honey may need a new home, and fast!


My cubs and I really liked this installment the Animal Rescue series. The story and artwork were awesome, and the underlying message was heart-warming. It’s really nice to see that they’re not just there for the animals. Caleb went above and beyond in investigating Honey’s case, and once Ella was on-board too, it really paid off. Honey’s story was so sad! We were all relieved at the solution. It just goes to show the value of dogged persistence in the face of apparent indifference. As mentioned before, this book is first in a series. Fox Kit comes after, if you want to stay in order. We accidentally read them out of order.


🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻 Highly recommended

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