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Book Review: The Toltec Secret by Sergio Magana


I purchased a copy of this book for my own enjoyment



I feel very strongly drawn to the Toltec teachings. I have all of Ruiz’s Toltec wisdom books, and when I stumbled upon The Toltec Secret by Sergio Magana, I was very excited. This book focused on the shamanic aspects, learning to travel the dream realms. There are several chapters, guiding the prospective student through basic exercises to learn lucid dreaming, balanced with specific Toltec cosmology.


I found the notion of the universe and various realms as a flower to be poetically beautiful. Lucid dreaming is called blossom dreaming, and if you can learn to blossom dream, and facilitate changes there, then the dreams we sow will manifest in the material realm. We can also learn to recognise dreams sown long ago, that do not serve us and how to negate them. This is very much in keeping with the essence of both shamanism, and spiritual alchemy (because really, it’s all different ways of expressing the same thing), and with one of my favourite Buddhist phrases- “ If you meet your father, kill your father, if you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha. Free from all things, bound by nothing, live the life given you.” I’ve started incorporating the tools and techniques learned within, blending them into my own worldview.
????? Highly recommended, if you have an interest in lucid dreaming, Toltec wisdom, and esoteric arts.

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