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Book Review: The Temptation Trials by B Truly


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Temptation Trials by B Truly is one of the more unique dystopian novels I’ve read. After World War III, the earth is united under a global dictatorship with strict rules governing all aspects of life. While dating is not forbidden, falling in love has its consequences. At the age of twenty-one, spouses are assigned. They may be in the same city or half-way across the world, it doesn’t matter. There is one way to escape the arranged marriage though. The Temptation Trials is a government sponsored reality show designed to throw all manner of temptations at lovers. Men go to one place, women to another. If they make it to the end, they are free.

Cali never liked the show, and certainly never expected to enter. But she and her friend Stefani are unwilling to give up the men they’ve fallen in love with and so they enter. However, they underestimate just how strong the temptations can be. Will they be able to stay strong?

So, I found the premise quite interesting, combining reality show, with arranged marriage. The writing was good. I loved the reason the Temptation Trials were so hard! And gods be  a good, I am glad we don’t live in that world. It as a quick read, and my only real qualm was the cliffhanger ending. I can read the second part soon though, so no biggie there.


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