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Book Review- The Murder of Sherlock Holmes by David Fable


This book was reviewed for Readers’ Favourite.


I am a big Sherlock fan (no, not because of the BBC Sherlock, though I do love that incarnation as well. Sherlock Holmes is one of the few characters I can think of who have become archetypal figures in their own right, and in doing so, pulled all of their friends and foes along with them. From his original Victorian London, to modern day New York and New Jersey, we have seen Sherlock at a variety of ages, and with varying occupations and varying minor (sometimes major) personality glitches, yet there is something always quintessentially and undeniably Sherlock.


With Sherlock stories being written today by various and sundry people, it can be a gamble if you are going to get a good one or not. Fable’s The Murder of Sherlock Holmes lived up to, and surpassed, my expectations. In this story we follow not Sherlock, but a protégé in the form of Christopher Hudson, the son of Mrs Hudson, who grew up around Sherlock and picked up a great deal of his methodology.


Christopher, now in college, is not to be denied when it comes to finding who has murdered the Great Detective. Grudgingly Watson, and Scotland Yard both, realise young Hudson really is a worthy successor to Holmes. He doggedly follows clue after clue along a convoluted path to the truth. While Hudson has the benefit of Sherlock’s knowledge, he’s young enough to realise times are changing, technology is advancing, and the criminals along with it, and he’s able to adapt quicker, and think differently than his older companions.


All said, The Murder of Sherlock Holmes was a very engaging read. For any who are a fan of Sherlock stories, Fable’s book is a must read. Expect surprises around every corner.

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