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Book Review- The Inheritance by Lenore Kieseling









This book was reviewed for Readers’ Favourite.


The Inheritance by Lenore Kieseling, follows both the story of Faidhe Keeper of the Circle for the Tuatha De Dannan, and her family, in the time of the ancient Celts, and the story of Lenore (Lee) and Nora, two sisters from an Irish-American family, who were taught to keep to the Old Ways, and who both have magickal inclinations.


Lenore and Nora have come to modern day Ireland, each working on research projects. Lenore, from whose point of view we follow their story, is searching for historical truth in the myths of her ancestors.


This story is well-researched, full of tidbits of story, legend, myth, and the truths that these can hide. Though focusing on Irish history and myth, this story is full of Othala energy. Othala is the Norse rune of inheritance, in all its many forms. It is the legacy our ancestors leave us, good and bad, be it biological, psychological, or material.


Though, again, not Norse oriented, other runic energies are woven throughout this story. Eihwaz is the rune of reflection. This is a story of self-discovery for Lee and Nora, and it will take you on one of your own. Jera energy can be seen in how the story takes a look at the imbalances apparent in the world today, the disconnect between the sacred and the mundane, between the spiritual and the material, and looks at the need for balance and how it can be achieved.


This story would benefit from another thorough proofing, as there were grammar and spelling errors scattered throughout. Some did cause a bit of a disconnect with me, especially with comma usage. Also, the length may be a deterrent to some. It might benefit from being broken into two or three volumes, and then offer a full-length omnibus. I’ll admit, the length intimidated me at first.


If you enjoy books like Mists of Avalon and similar reads that weave myth and history together, you are sure to enjoy Kieseling’s The Inheritance.

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