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Book Review: The Grumpface by BCR Fegan/ Illustrated by D Frongia

This book was reviewed for TaleBlade Press


This charming picture book for young readers is a new spin on the classic ‘Beauty and the Beast’ tale. In the gloomy Forest of Ho lives a terrible creature called the Grumpface, and what an ugly fellow he is! But he wasn’t always so. Once he was as human as you or I, but it’s like that old adage ‘treat everyone with kindness, for they may be an angel (or god) in disguise.’ This cantankerous old man grumped at the wrong person one day, and found himself cursed by a wizard.


Dafty Dan is an inventor living in the Village of Hay. Dan loves the flower girl who works outside his shop, and he longs to bring her the one flower she wants, but does not have- a rose. Setting off into the Forest of Ho, Dan finds roses, but he also finds the Grumpface’s traps. The Grumpface agrees to let Dan go if he can complete at least one task out of three. Can Dan survive, and bring a rose back to his beloved?


I read this book with my cubs and they loved it! We are going to get a hardcopy version, as mine is on the Kindle. The artwork is wonderful, really bringing the story to life. I like the Grumpface. He looks like a troll, or ogre, but not ‘too’ scary for small children.. This little book packs a powerful message that what you are on the inside really affects people’s perceptions of you, and that changing your outlook can change your whole appearance. If you’ve a nasty disposition, you’ll seem as ugly as the Grumpface looked no matter how beautiful you are on the surface. Likewise, a cheerful disposition can brighten the entire room, and no matter the surface appearance you wear, you’ll be the most beautiful there. (Smiling Grumpface is adorable, btw!
????? Highly recommended for kids of all ages!

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