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Book Review- The Ghosts of Ildereen by Phyllis Fox


download***This book was reviewed for Reader’s Favourite. ***


What would the walls say if ruins could speak?


Ghosts of Ildereen, written by Phyllis Fox, is a tale of history, of love, of hope, and dedication. Heather Gregg has gone to spend the summer taking care of her friend’s home and working on a book she hopes to write. Once there, though, her time is anything but peaceful. Exploring the forest surrounding her friend’s home leads to a creepy abandoned house. Then the dog Heather is supposed to be watching disappears. Things escalate with night-time visitations, new insights into a local cold-case, and a surprise visit from Heather’s mentally off mother.


I was drawn in by the story from the beginning. The characters are well-drawn and likeable (or unlikeable, as the case may be.) As I learned more of Heather’s past, I ┬álearned things that made me wish I could step through and offer a hug, or a listening ear. One particular point like this was when we learned that her dad had left her and her mother, and never looked back.


I enjoyed the story of Mary, Henry, and the Tolleys, having both an interest in archaeology and forensics. It was a story crime and passion as sad and sordid as any to be found today. I do think the cover could be a bit more inspiring. There were also minor grammatical and spelling errors. However, neither of these things deterred from true enjoyment of the story.


If you like The X-Files, or shows like Ghost Adventures and Destination Truth, you are sure to enjoy Fox’s Ghosts of Ildereen. (No X-Files pun intended!)

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