Book Review- The Death Mask by Tom Raimbault (Dr d’Merricksson)

This book was reviewed for The Rookery by J A d’Merricksson, with no expectations by either author or publisher for a positive review.


In Raimbault’s The Death Mask, one poor family is twice unlucky, with separate disasters striking both mother and daughter. In the wake of the final disaster, Michael, husband and father, creates a ‘death mask’ of his late wife, against her wishes. This mask becomes Michael’s obsession, even after he has remarried.


This book is written in a rambling omniscient narrator form that, I admit, I found a bit annoying until I realized that it was the author’s unique style. Such a POV is difficult to pull off, and I feel Raimbault did a fair job. It is an unusual choice, to be sure, as is the rambling nature of commentary. That’s what life is, though, when you get down to it. Points in time rambling along to create the story of a life, merging with other rambling courses to create larger stories of shared lives. I found this writing style refreshing. Rather than put me off reading, I found myself drawn further into the story.


There were grammar errors, especially with comma usage. ¬†Another editing session with fresh eyes wouldn’t hurt. I was able to tune these out and enjoy the read, though. A more technical oriented mind may be put off.


All in all, I enjoyed The Death Mask. There is certainly room for improvement, but the writing was good and I look forward to seeing Mr Raimbault grow as a writer. I’ll certainly read more of his works in the future.

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