Book Review: Surfer Dude by Lois Szymanski

***This book as reviewed for Schiffer Kids via Netgalley

Surfer Dude is a beautifully illustrated children’s book that tells the story of a real horse, a stallion named Surfer Dude who lived on Chincoteague. With a beautiful brown coat, pale blonde mane and tail, and a most unusual blue eye, this gentle horse became beloved of thousands who visited Chincoteague and Assateague. He was so mild-mannered that he tolerated his son staying within his herd for longer most stallions would. Like lions, stallions rarely tolerate competition, especially younger competition. Even more extraordinary, was the transition between father and son when Surfer Dude neared his death.

The artwork in this book is just wonderful. I loved the different animals drawn into each scene. At the end, there is a guide telling what each of these animals are, and another guide telling about other horses in the herd.

Though it is meant for younger readers, many of my older cubs enjoyed this book too. There are several who love horses. C’mon, who doesn’t? I found the story sweet, if a little romanticised. It’s quite true that Surfer Dude was loved by many, and this is a children’s book. It’s allowed that. Besides, the author acknowledges this in the afterword, and gives a more factual accounting of Surfer Dude and his life, cliff notes style.

???? A great gift for any youngling who loves horses

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