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Book Review: Something Wicked by Debi Chestnut

This book was reviewed via Netgalley


Chestnut’s Something Wicked is an overview of exorcism, that looks at history, forms in other cultures and traditions, what demons are vs other types of ‘negative’ entities, levels progressing to full-blown possession, exorcism gone wrong, and the necessity of protection and a few basic types of protection.


This book was pretty straightforward and clearcut. Chestnut is very clear that the novice ghost-hunter should not try to deal with demonic or very dense (read negative) entities, but call on seasoned professionals. She is also clear in that it is believe and faith that helps these methods work. She also stresses the importance of not judging, because each person’s reality is different, since our perceptions shape our reality. Sometimes the investigator needs to work within their own paradigm, and at other times, need to work within the mindset of the client/victim.


The cases of exorcism gone wrong horrified me, especially the one of the little autistic boy. I have very little use for organised religion, and when it goes off the rails like this, and in the case of the ‘gay’ exorcisms, I despise it all the more. I follow a shamanic path devoted to rune spirits.


Another proofing would not be amiss. There were a few grammar and spelling errors. Also- djinn is plural; djinni is singular. An anachronistic error as well. Multiple Personality Disorder is now Dissociative Identity Disorder. They are not both a thing today.
??? Quick, informative read. Recommended for this interested in demonology, exorcisms, or interest in paranormal or occult.

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