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Book Review: Soil-Man by Oz Monroe


This book was reviewed for Reader’s Favourite


‘His dream of going to highschool next year with his big brother had been excised with the blade of a knife.’


Oz Monroe’s Soil-Man is a story quite like any other; a dark song to draw you under, revealing a hidden world few can imagine.


The story opens with Jon, held captive by an unseen force, unable to stop the same force from ripping from him all he holds most precious. The aftermath wakes in Jon a ferocious power that rips the blinders from his human perceptions of reality. His tormentor proves to be a Fallen angel whose insanity causes it to prey upon unsuspecting humans. Jon alone survives the assault, and embarks on a journey to reunite with his family however possible.


As an avid Supernatural fan, Soil-Man almost immediately brought to mind what might have been going on behind-scenes when those angels Fell. Completely different world and circumstances, yet some things could very well have played out in this guise.


This story keeps you guessing right until the very end. Every time I thought I had figured things out, I learned otherwise. For one thing…. most of these angels seemed to be right pretentious asses. Not all, mind, but most.


My two favourite characters were Var and Tagas. Var is, well, he’s not ever what you might expect. He’s a fierce warrior, reviled by most, and to meet him face to face would be terrifying. There’s more beneath the surface than most would ever guess, though. Tagas is a very special sort of angel, and falls under some very bad circumstances early on. Amaros was an amusing character, with some truly beautiful wisdom. One of those is to find humour in life. That’s a near priceless lesson.


Monroe’s Soil-Man is a study in what can cause insanity, and what can heal it. It’s also a study in seeking one’s own answers, rather than blindly trusting what the world would have you believe. For fans of the paranormal, preternatural, and otherworldly, I highly recommend checking this book out.

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