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Book Review- Smurfs: Village Behind the Wall by Peyo

This book was reviewed via Netgalley


I’m in nostalgia heaven! I grew up with the Smurfs. With the new movies, and now graphic novels, I can share my childhood passion with my cubs. Some of them get it. Others think ma is a little off her rocker, but that’s okay, cause Smurfs! I was beyond delighted to get the original cartoons on Amazon Instant View. Smurfs: The Village Behind the Wall is a collection of shorts, much like the show itself was. There are five altogether, along with a neat history lesson on the Smurfs. I had no idea they were originally support characters in a story focused on Johan and Peewit. My, my, how the tables turned!


The Smurfs have met their match in the residents of Smurfy Grove. This little village seems to be where all the female Smurfs live, lead by Willow, a wise, older smurf like Papa Smurf. These girls are full of energy!


Brainy’s Bad Day- the girls take Brainy for a walk he will never forget


Challenges for Hefty- Hefty gets competitive with Smurfstorm, and they face a terrifying rafflesia.


Clumsy Smurf’s Dragonfly- a rescue adventure earns Clumsy Smurf a new best friend.


The Squash Smurfs- a thief in the night keeps wrecking the squash garden. A trap is set to catch the culprit red-handed. Fun with bees ensues.


A Smurflily Strange World- Smurflily’s story about how she first came to cross the wall.


I just love that Smurfy Grove is all female, and led by an elder female. The 80s teased with the notion of female Smurfs. There was Sassette, and Grandma Smurf. One must wonder. There had to be more than just Papa’s group out there.


🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻 Highly recommended to introduce Smurfs to a younger generation, or if you grew up a fan of the original comics/animated show.

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