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Book Review: Shifting in the Realms by Theresa Snyder


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Snyder’s Shifting in the Realms is one of the Twin Cities Series, a collection of novellas written by different authors. This one focuses on Cody, a wolf shifter who fled to the Realms after dying, and who has since taken up working for Raven, a powerful vampire.


Cody is introduced to the beautiful Simone when his friend Pete brings him along for a double date. The two do not hit it off as humans, but later Simone sees Cody in his wolf form, and he saves her from the predations of a particularly nasty vampire. The next day, after Pete and Cody finish their work, this same vampire attacks and enslaves Pete. To save his friend, Cody finds help in the most unlikely of places.


This was a quick read. I enjoyed the story, though I did at times feel like I was missing something, more of a larger story. I cannot quite say why, because everything necessary to the story is explained. Part is certainly because I’d like to find out what happens after! Another once-through for editing wouldn’t be amiss. There were a few places where the writing could be strengthened.
???? Recommended

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