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Book Review- Secrets of the Home Wood: The Sacrifice by Julie Whitley

Down the rabbit hole, figuratively speaking.

Whitley’s Secrets of the Home Wood is a captivating read that draws the reader in right from the beginning. Home Wood is not your average old growth forest. Bordering the James’ family’s farm, it hides a dark and wondrous secret, one designed to ensnare any who wander too close. No-one is allowed to cross into the vespertine shadows of the interior. Why that is remains a mystery to young Jonathan James, until the day comes when he must defy the familial edict and enter the deep forest in search of his father.

Like Alice down the rabbit-hole, Jonathan finds himself in a realm as magickal as it can be terrifying. He is taken in by a rather leporine warrior, and thrust into an adventure that will reshape him, better or worse, and has the potential to repair the rift in his family. Between giant insects, a daring rescue, and the looming threat of war, Jonathan has his work cut out for him as he searches for his missing family.

????? Recommended for fantasy fans of all ages. If you enjoyed the Chronicles of Narnia, Brian Jacques Redwall novels, or even Stargate ( yep, you read rightly. Stargate. Read the book. Then you’ll understand)

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