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Book Review: Rivers, Oceans, and Seas by Mack von Gageldonk

***This book was reviewed for Clavis Publishing via Netgalley

      ***Available Oct 16, 2017

Rivers, Seas, and Oceans is a neat little book that teaches kids about the water cycle, types of water, and specific places of importance. There are stunning photos throughout showing off the various places, and there are goofy little drawings interspersed in and around the pictures that add a certain charm. My cubs quite enjoyed them.

Discussed are types of water- salt, fresh, brackish- and – lakes, rivers, oceans, and falls. Each looks at examples such as Niagara Falls, the Southern Ocean, and Brooks River, along with animals that might be found in the environment. Man-made constructs are topics at the end, looking at harbours, canals, and dams.

My only qualms were that the Kindle file didn’t translate properly, and that the Everglades section did not mention alligators. We ended up reading the pdf on my tablet, which showed off the beautiful pictures in full colour.


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