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Book Review: Primogenito by Greta Cribbs



I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review


Cribbs’ Primogenito is a gripping tale of dark magic, sacrifice, the bonds of family, and just how far one father is willing to go for his family. Damian Fuentes comes from a reclusive family dwelling in the mountains of North Carolina. He lives in Georgia now, and hoped never to have contact with them again. But a Fuentes is never allowed to leave the family, and events from a lifetime ago have conspired to bring him back into contact with them.


When he was a child, Damian and his best friend Nick had attempted to get close to Damian’s grandfather’s house, a forbidden place, one night. They learned the hard way why when young Nick was captured and taken up to the house under the assumption he was Damian. Once there, a ritual was done on him, one that would come back to haunt him nearly two decades later. In order to save both his friend Nick, and his own infant daughter, Damian must confront the ghosts of the past and make a series of sacrifices whose repercussions will shake every branch of his family.


This story started out a bit slow to me, but very quickly drew me in. All four (five if you count Leo) of the main characters had very interesting parts, and back stories, which I don’t always find to be the case. I was never disgruntled when the perspective changed. 


I’d really like to know Leo’s story, and the stories of Damian’s ancestors, and also that of Damian’s first encounter with Renato and his brothers. This seems like such a pain-ridden family, even if some cannot truly feel the pain, like Renato. Leo cannot have been the first to dig his heels in and try to fight back. Or maybe so. How common are children after the first two?
???? Recommended if you enjoy paranormal suspense, or paranormal drama a lá Grimm or Supernatural.

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