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Book Review: Poetry for the Soul by Bhunga Enoch Noyila


This book was reviewed for Reader’s Favourite


Noyila’s Poetry for the Soul is a beautiful collection of poetry following a range topics.


Favourites include:


‘A Good Book’, because it is so true to my own feelings. Truly good books captivate. They are the keys to places your soul can dwell. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been smacked in the face by my Kindle or a physical book as I lay reading long past when I should have gone to bed.


‘Peace at Last’ really struck a chord. It’s so sad, detailing the horrors of war. That it is the innocents who truly suffer most from war is so very true. Violence solves little and destroys much.


‘I am Africa’ is just beautiful.


‘Canaan’ is another beautiful poem, speaking of the promises and values of democracy, something I feel America sorely needs reminding of right about now.


‘Death Comes to All’ is a reminder that everything, life and death included, have a time. It’s a reminder that death is part of the natural order.


‘Prevention’ really called to me. It’s so very true, not enough preventative measures are given for social ills. Such prevention starts in the home, and from elementary school if we want best results. Sadly, few families and facilities are equipped to deal with this.


‘Trust’ made me cry. Trust is so hard for me, and I recently had a loss of friends due to broken trust and shattered loyalty.


I love that the author sat down one day and decided to write a poem to capture a childhood incident, having never been interested in poetry writing before. It’s a notion I can relate to. I had never been interested in writing poetry, not since a bad childhood experience of being mocked for writing a haiku in elementary school likening our dishwasher to an angry tomcat growling. Finding it years later, it was actually good. A college creative writing class I took turned out to have a poet as a teacher, so that was our focus. I almost dropped it. I didn’t, in the end, and (re)discovered a gift for poetry. I’m very glad this poet stuck with it too!


There are a few grammar and spelling errors, though none that truly took from the beauty of the works. There is also a lack of internal punctuation to each poem, but this seems to be artistic expression, and poetry is a place laden with such things. It only occasionally made things difficult to parse, since each line began with a capital letter, even if it was the middle of a sentence.
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