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Book Review: Poetry for Kids: Walt Whitman edited by Karen Karbiener

***This book was reviewed for Moondance Press via Netgalley


Poetry for Kids: Walt Whitman introduces young readers to one of America’s greatest poets. There are four sections, devoted to different aspects of Whitman’s life and works. The first section, ‘Starting from Paumanok’ looks at his earliest works and inspirations. The second section, ‘Walt Whitman, a Kosmos, of Manhattan the Son’, focuses on works of his artistic maturity. Section three, ‘The Wound-dresser’, showcases Whitman’s Civil War inspired poetry. The final section, ‘The Good Grey Poet’, looks at poetry from his elder years.


Each section defines unusual or uncommon words for the reader, including Walt-centric words such as ‘camerado’, his word for a (true and loyal) friend. At the very end is a section with brief explanations of each poem or poem excerpt within. Adding to the atmosphere of the book are colourful pictures on every page depicting aspects of the poem in question, with Walt himself wandering the pages.


????? Highly recommended. Great introduction to Whitman’s poetry, and to an appreciation of poetry in general.

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