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Book Review- Pagan Portals: Pan by Melusine Draco


This book was reviewed via Netgalley


Draco’s Pagan Portals- Pan is a succinct look at the most ancient and venerable of deities. Tracing Pan’s mythologic lineage from Arcadia to the present day, Draco shows us the links between Pan and other Horned Gods, such as Cernunnos, and the Christian depictions of the Devil. This book covers Pan’s various demesne, such as god of the deep forest, and god of shepherds and flocks. We learn about the origin of the panflute, Pan’s re-emergence as the god of witches, and his appearances in various forms of media. I am a bit sad Pan’s Labyrinth was not mentioned, though. That’s an awesome movie and a marvellous rendering of Pan.


I enjoyed the attention paid to historical detail, with the various reference in the back. I plan to add some we do not have to the occult section of our home library. Nice thing about a large family that appreciates books! Every square inch of the available walls pace in the house has towering bookshelves. Various magickal rituals are discussed, from evocations, to purification. They are first discussed from the historical context, then suggestions for modern practitioners are given.
???? recommended for any interested in learning more about the most interesting and enduring of deities.

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