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Book Review: Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop

I purchased a copy of this book for my own enjoyment, with no expectations of a review


Second in The Others series by Anne Bishop, Murder of Crows delves deeper into the Humans First and Last conspiracy. Things are heating up around Thaisia, and beyond, with more focused attacks on terra indigene. First the Crows are targeted, followed by assaults against the Sanguinati. In Lakeside, humans have started trying to refuse to sell to terra indigene. Humans who work in the Courtyard have been labelled Wolf-lovers, and are bullied.


After disastrous attacks against the Others in the Midwest reveals an even more gruesome tragedy, terra indigene from around Thaisia have come to Lakeside for a meeting to decide the fate of humanity in this country. When push comes to shove, and all the chips are down, can Monty, Burke, Meg, and the rest of the human ‘pack’ help the Others find their quarry? Are they willing to set terra indigene hunters loose on a small human population, knowing those humans will certainly die, though without the human pack’s aid in narrowing the target, the entire Midwest is in danger of being utterly wiped out. One wrong misstep and it’s not the Gard shifters or the Sanguinati the humans must deal with, but the fearsome Elementals who can control nature itself.


This book was a great read. Relationships deepen, and more of Meg’s past is revealed. The Lakeside Courtyard is changing, learning to view humans differently. Bishop does a marvellous job of showing the difference between perceived monstrosity, and true monstrosity, as more of the details behind the ‘gone over Wolf’ and ‘feel good’ drugs are brought to light. I love that at least some humans are beginning to be willing to learn about terra indigene cultures without as much judgement. The same can be said of the terra indigene in regards to viewing some humans as more than just ‘clever meat’. I see Meg and Simon, along with a handful of tolerant people on either side, as baby ethnographers. Each side is now making a concentrated effort to learn the culture of the other. Dynamics are changing between the Others and humans, with Lakeside as the key to greater harmony.

🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻 Highly Recommended if you enjoy Anne Bishop’s works, or paranormal drama fiction

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