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Book Review- Magnus Chase & the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan



A copy of this book was purchased with my own funds with no expectations of a review on the author’s part.


Riordan has done it again! I absolutely love his work this far, and have been hoping to see him tackle Norse and Celtic myth. One half of my dream has come true 🙂 Perhaps in the very near future the other half will as well.


This story follows Magnus Chase. As typical of Riordan’s books, our protagonist is a demigod that has no idea of his true parentage. I adore that Riordan links his stories, making it clear that it is all one world and you may come across people and places from previous books.


This book is chock-full of the wit and sarcasm that defines Riordan’s writing style. As with his other books, snippets of old myth are re-invented in terms of our new hero, and the modern world. My favourite from this novel is the re-inventing of the tale of the theft of Idun’s apples, replacing Loki with Magnus.


If you enjoyed the Percy Jackson novels and the Kane Chronicles series, you are sure to love the first Magnus Chase book.

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